Digital Finance

Instant zero fees funds transfers across borders and financial platforms, smart savings and payments services on app, instant messengers and social platforms

Payments Services

Make and Receive secure payments with our open APIs connecting Mobile wallets, Credit/Debit Cards, Utility bills, Airtime resale, Secure authentications and Card storage

Intelligent Finance Bots

Buy and Sell products and services while providing intelligent automated customer support on WhatsApp,Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and other social platforms

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Borderless Transactions

A virtual banking alternative with global access, no account maintanance fee and zero fee transactions


Acccesible anywhere on Mobile, Web, Social platforms and Instant messengers enabling transactions to your contacts and social media networks.

Take Control

Transparent rates, fast transactions and connects to your existing bank or mobile wallet and bank accounts.

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Create an Account

Use your Phone Number, E-Mail or Social Network ID to Create Account.

Link your Card

Verify ownership of your existing Bank/Card/Mobile Wallet Account and get a virtual account that allows you to save,transact at low fees, get advances and manage funds between accounts.


Send funds and Payments to your Contacts,Emails, Social media contacts, Merchants, Savings groups and Billers.

Payment Solutions

Frictionless mobile and Card payments with Transfer, sales and payments tools to reach more clients.

Business Chatbots

Sales and Automated Support on WhatsApp,Facebook,lnstagram & Telegram.

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Chamaah App

Group savings and lending Instant Messenger that allows savings, transfers , pooling of funds and peer lending.

  • Chat with your contacts
  • Send Money and Payments directly to contacts
  • Chat and Video Call group members
  • Create savings and investments groups
  • Issue loans guaranteed on savings.
  • Automatically Manage repayments by members
  • Transaction SDKs

    While its restrictive for businesses to get payment processing requirements(PCI, SSL, app hosting,data encryption and processing accounts) our SDKs give your apps these capabilities when integrated. We also empower Client 2 to automate signup verification and on-boarding of customers on mobile banking, mobile lending and payments apps by leveraging our capabilities to profile and verify users.

    Point of Purchase Advances

    Enables emergency Advances at Point of Purchase to allow users to complete Purchases and Payments:


    Partners, Media and Awards

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